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List of Past issues

 Gov’t pushes Univ. of Tokyo to support weapons research and development (July 8, 2014)
 High school teachers call for cancellation of study meeting at SDF base (July 5, 2014)
 What was the prewar Imperial Rescript on Education? (June 16, 2014)
 Education minister uses FB to monitor school education (May 19 & 23, 2014)
 Bill to strengthen political control over education passed through Diet committee (May 17, 2014)
 JCP publishes appeal opposing adverse revision of education-related laws (May 14, 2014)
 Abe gov’t proposes bill to destroy university autonomy (April 26, 2014)
 Let’s resist Abe-style educational reform: Shii (April 19, 2014)
 Education minister requires local town to use textbook glorifying Japan’s aggressive war (March 15, 2014)
 High school students in Tokyo forced to participate in disaster drill with SDF (February 28, 2014)
 Student loan collection agency like a cold-blooded debt collector (February 23, 2014)
 Abe seeks boards of Education that will allow authorities to control education: Shii (February 21, 2014)
 6.9-million citizens want tuition-free private high schools (February 21, 2014)
 Create grant-type scholarship system at once: JCP Miyamoto (February 18, 2014)
 Abe Cabinet to teach in schools gov’t stance on Senkaku and Takeshima (January 29, 2014)
 Education Ministry wants schoolbooks to include gov’t opinions (December 21, 2013)
 Gov’t panel recommends control of education by power (December 14, 2013)
 JCP opposes abolition of free high school education program (November 28, 2013)
 Saga Pref. to have high school students buy tablet PCs (October 29, 2013)
 Education ministry imposes pro-constitutional revision textbook on local schools (October 19, 2013)
 JCP in Osaka demands retraction of forcible ‘Kimigayo’ order on school teachers (September 27, 2013)
 Gov’t tries to set income limit to free high school education system (August 30, 2013)
 Education board withdraws request for access limitation on ‘Barefoot Gen’ (August 24&27, 2013)
 Facing education board pressure, no schools choose textbook depicting coercion of Hinomaru and Kimigayo (August 23, 2013)
 Civil groups protest against restrictions on student access to ‘Barefoot Gen’ (August 22, 2013)
 JCP assembly members demand retraction of access restrictions on ‘Barefoot Gen’ (August 21, 2013)
 JCP demands halt to recall of supplementary text depicting 1923 mass murder of Koreans (August 15, 2013)
 Abe’s education policy strategist attacks SMAP’s hit song for encouraging children to not compete (July 27, 2013)
 Tokyo gov’t sends high school students to SDF camp for ‘emergency drill’ (July 25 & 26, 2013)
 Signature campaign launched against interference in schools’ textbook selection (July 10, 2013)
 Teachers and parents launch signature campaign for better educational environment (July 13, 2013)
 Attacks on Japanese history textbooks increasing (July 8, 2013)
 Osaka public school principal from private sector suddenly resigns (June 28, 2013)
 Power shouldn’t interfere in choice of textbooks by schools: JCP Tokyo (June 27 & 28, 2013)
 LDP scheming to force schools to use textbook glorifying past war of aggression (June 26, 2013)
 Intrusive moral education part of anti-school bullying law (June 20 & 22, 2013)
 Respect the right to know for families of bullied suicides: JCP Miyamoto (April 11, 2013)
 No personal alarms provided North Korean students in Machida City (April 6 & 9, 2013)
 Gov’t should stop harsh collection of scholarship loans: JCP Miyamoto (April 1&2, 2013)
 Total of 8.63 million call for better learning environment (March 2, 2013)
 Gov’t to exempt North Korean schools from tuition-free program (February 20, 2013)
 Top-down moral education is ineffective (February 28, 2013)
 Society with lack of access to higher education for economic reasons has no future[Editorial] (February 27, 2013)
 Kanagawa governor suspends subsidy for North Korean schools (February 15, 2013)
 Don’t exempt Korean schools from tuition-free program: students demand (February 8, 2013)
 Power company promotes nuclear power ‘safety myth’ in school (February 3, 2013)
 High school students and parents urge education board to work for elimination of physical punishment in school (January 31, 2013)
 Osakans criticize mayor’s call to cancel high school entrance exam (January 21 and 22, 2013)
 Teachers strive to defend disabled children’s right to learn (January 18, 2013)
 Physical punishment at school is ‘permissible’: Osaka mayor (January 11, 2013)

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