* 67 companies pay 1.5 billion yen in back pay for overtime (October 7)

* Anti-nuclear weapons appeal gaining broader support (October 7)

* Protests held on 1st anniversary of U.S. war on Afghanistan (October 8)

* SDF warship pass information to U.S. forces in violation of the Constitution (October 7)

* Japan in 2002 pays 655.7 billion yen for U.S. forces in Japan (October 7)

* Ex-U.S. base workers win black-lung lawsuit (October 8)

*JCP Ogata and Jordanian upper house vice chair agree on U.N. Charter-based settlement (October 8)

*JCP delegation meets with Cuban national assembly president (October 7)

*JCP candidate elected in Tokyo's Meguro Ward Assembly by-election (October 8)

Stock plunge to below 9,000 calls for change of economic policy -- Akahata editorial, October 4

Ways to break through job crisis -- Akahata editorial, October 2

* Workers strike against NTT restructuring (October 2)

* No to Fujitsu's restructuring plan (October 5)

* Young people need jobs and better working conditions (October 5)

* Emergency meeting held to protest against increased medical expenses for elderly people (October 2)

* Nagasaki calls on U.S. to stop N-tests (October 3)

* JCP Ichida: Seek truth of abductees and normalize relations with North Korea (October 3)

JCP International Bureau chief exchanges views with Saudi Arabian ambassador (October 2)

* JCP International Bureau head visits UAE Embassy (October 3)

* JCP International Bureau chief holds talks with Qatar's Ambassador (October 4)

* JCP representatives depart for Middle East (October 4)

JCP vice chair holds talks with PCC political bureau member (October 4)

* JCP chair meets with Indian ambassador (October 3)

Fuwa and Vietnam CP leader agree on opposition to military attack on Iraq (October 5)

Arakaki to run in Okinawa gubernatorial election representing progressive forces (October 5)