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List of Past issues

 Shii talks with S. African ambassador to Japan (June 5, 2024)
 JCP sends a letter of congratulations to Mexico’s 1st woman president (June 5, 2024)
 Shii talks with S. Korean Ambassador to Japan regarding JCP proposals for peace creation in East Asia (May 16, 2024)
 Ogata in Germany talks with European Left Party head (May 11 & 12, 2024)
 Kasai attends 50th anniversary reception of EU Delegation to Japan (May 11, 2024)
 Ogata talks with German Left Party official (May 10, 2024)
 Ogata in France talks with progressive think tank officials and leftist lawmakers (May 8, 2024)
 Ogata talks with French Communist Party national secretary (May 7, 2024)
 Ogata speaks at French Communist Party-hosted peace conference (May 6, 2024)
 Kasai attends S. Africa’s ‘Freedom Day’ reception (April 25, 2024)
 Shii publishes JCP diplomatic proposal for peacebuilding in East Asia (April 18, 2024)
 Shii meets with Cuban Ambassador to Japan (April 9, 2024)
 JCP Central Committee holds 2nd Plenum (April 8, 2024)
 Shii talks with CPV politburo member Mai (April 3, 2024)
 Kasai and Miyamoto attend reception at German Ambassador’s official residence in Tokyo (March 28, 2024)
 Kasai attends reception hosted by Australian Embassy in Japan (March 26, 2024)
 Shii talks with Indonesian ambassador (March 5, 2024)
 This week’s JCP international activities (February 22 & 25, 2024)
 This week’s JCP international activities (February 6, 7, & 10, 2024)
 JCP Secretariat Head Koike meets with Cambodian opposition party head (February 4, 2024)
 Tamura elected as first woman JCP head at 29th Party Congress (January 19, 2024)
 JCP 29th Congress begins (January 16, 2024)
 Shii at New Year assembly reports on his visit to Southeast Asia (January 5, 2024)
 Shii answers questions from Vietnam’s Diplomatic Academy students (December 27, 2023)
 Shii in Jakarta meets with ASEAN deputy secretary-general (December 23, 2023)
 Shii holds talks with Vietnam President Thuong (November 29, 2023)
 JCP Chair Shii speaks at ‘GGG + Forum’ (November 29, 2023)
 Town meeting held between JCP Chair Shii and young people (November 19, 2023)
 JCP Social Sciences Institute holds talks with CPV Central Theoretical Council (November 17, 2023)
 JCP Central Committee puts draft 29th Congress Resolution to all-party discission (November 15, 2023)
 JCP holds 10th CC Plenum to discuss agenda for 29th Congress (November 14, 2023)
 JCP lawmakers meet with French leftist lawmaker (November 2, 2023)
 Shii meets with Indonesian ambassador to Japan (November 2, 2023)
 Koike attends Japan Medical Association ceremony (November 2, 2023)
 JCP Takahashi talks with UITBB on issues construction workers’ unions are facing (November 1, 2023)
 JCP Miyamoto Takeshi attends Turkey’s 100th anniversary reception (October 31, 2023)
 JCP Kasai attends Hungarian festival (October 25, 2023)
 Ogata talks with Lao ambassador (October 24, 2023)
 JCP secures 5 seats in Miyagi Prefectural Assembly election (October 24, 2023)
 JCP holds memorial ceremony for 211 activists (October 22, 2023)
 Ogata attends reception hosted by Cuban Ambassador to Japan (October 19, 2023)
 29th JCP Congress will be held on January 15, 2024 (October 7, 2023)
 Shii at JCP 9th CC Plenum: JCP foreign policy is consistent with world’s mainstream (October 6, 2023)
 Koike attends S. Korean embassy’s reception to celebrate ‘Gaecheonjeol’ (October 4, 2023)
 Kokuta and Kasai join Japan-S. Korea exchange festival (October 1, 2023)
 Shii attends Chinese Embassy in Japan-hosted reception (September 29, 2023)
 Shii delivers commemorative speech marking 101 years since JCP founding (September 16, 2023)
 Ogata talks with outgoing Cuban ambassador to Japan (September 14, 2023)
 Ogata and Kasai attend reception celebrating 78th anniversary of Vietnamese independence (September 8, 2023)
 Shii sends telegram of condolence over death of Chilean Communist Party president (August 31, 2023)

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